A simple and fast blood test for early cancer detection

Only 6ml blood collection required.

The quantitative platelets RNA tests

Self-developed pipeline of Foretellmyhealth can analyze RNA profile in platelets for a differentiated early cancer detection service.

Analysis technique

Foretellmyheatlh’s own algorithm is utilized for a diagnostic model which attains high-accuracy detection.

기술의 차별성

RNA 염기서열 분석 기술

혈소판 RNA는 암세포와 종양 미세환경에 의해 방출된 물질에 반응하여 접합변이를 겪습니다. 이러한 특정 변이는 종양 특이적 발현 패턴을 가지게 됩니다. 당사는 RNA 염기서열 분석 기술을 활용하여 암에 대해 변동성이 크게 증가하는 패턴을 감지합니다. 

데이터 프로파일링 기술

시퀀싱을 통해 생성된 혈소판 RNA를 데이터를 종양 특이적 패턴을 탐지하는 판별알고리즘에 적용시킵니다. 해당 알고리즘에 적용시킵니다. 해당 알고리즘은 Batch-invariant normalization 방법론을 바탕으로 개발되어 데이터가 혈소판 RNA 접합 변이 데이터의 정량적 특성을 왜곡시키지 않고 종양 샘플들의 프로파일에 존재하는 이상치 탐지를 가능하게 합니다. 

Method and device for determining multiple cancers using platelet-derived transcriptional data and machine learning algorithms  

(Application number 10-2022-0133331)

Our technology is based on platelet-derived transcriptional data and multi-cancer analysis using neural networks. It deals with biomarkers obtained from platelet-derived transcriptional data and pre-trained cancer/normal classification model-based neural networks, which can determine whether a user has cancer or not.

Platelets are commonly known for hemostasis and coagulation as their major role. However, it has been reported that cancer’s growth, metastasize, and avoiding immunity system get help from platelets. Also, cancer cells both directly and indirectly affect the RNA content of platelets, changing the expression of platelets. This patent is on the basis of the background that platelets are potential biomarkers to help diagnose cancer due to that change of tens of thousands of platelets from out of one cancer cell.



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